Welcome to UCRail.com

This site is a huge work in progress and for that I apologize. It might take a while to get this site really going. I encourage you to check back often to see what updates have been made. There is a lot in store for this site and my hope is to turn it into a great resource for rail fans. With that being said if you would like to contribute to the website drop me an email at: ucrailfan@gmail.com Please include the information and how you would like to be referenced when it is posted on the site.

Most Recent Updates


Provo Sub Map
A detailed map with helpful information has been added.


New Rail Blog!
Venutre over and see pictures from my most recent adventure to Milford and back.


UTA FrontRunner
Pages for the different types of passenger cars in UTA's fleet have been added.


Mobile Friendly
Still a work in progress but the site should be more moblie friendly now. If you experience any issues please let me know at ucrailfan@gmail.com


Caliente Timetable
Now online with more detailed information to come at a later date.
Utah Train Symbols
Has been updated with the most currently know symbols and more will be added as they are found.
Radio Frequencies
Updated the page to better display the info about each channel.