Rail Blog :: November 27, 2016

Not going to lie this year has been a crazy year and I haven't been able to put together as many Rail Blogs as I would like to have done. In the past I have just made these blogs a place to share photos and that's about it. Well I am going to be changing that up a little bit from here on out. I will still post pictures but I also plan on doing a little more with this blog so stay tuned for what's next.

On the 19th I had the chance to go down to Milford, UT with some friends to catch some trains and to help out the Desert Empire Project with a project that they are working on. Head on over to their facebook page to learn more about what the project is and give it a like while you are there.

Before I get to sharing photos from my advenutre I wanted to address another project that I am getting under way this week. I've always enjoyed taking pictures of trains and that is something that I will continue to do but at the same time I have not taken much video of trains and that is going to change starting now. The goal of UC Rail has always been to provide helpful information for railfans about the different locations in Utah and I will continue to do that. With me getting into producing videos of trains in Utah I did not want that to take away from the goals of UC Rail so with that being said I have started working on a sister site that will feature videos of trains exclusively. The site will be going live with in the next day but until then you can Like us on Facebook!

ZCIG1-18 (Expedited Intermodal: City of Industry, CA to Global 1, IL)

I had received a heads up that 2 NS units would be on the ZCIG1 and it was a goal of mine to catch them on this trip. Well I should have included being on the right side of the tracks for lighting as part of that goal. I got to see them but only because the snuck up on us and we didn't have time to get to the right side of the tracks.

Location: Murdock, UT :: Milepost: Lynndyl Sub, MP 584.1

ZCIG1-18 highballs Murdock
A somewhat decent shot of the ZCIG1-18 as it passes the WMUKEZ-19 that will depart after the ZCIG1 clears.

WMUKEZ-19 (Work: Murdock, UT to Kelso, CA)

The first surprise train of the day was this Herzog train that we managed to catch as it departed Murdock. Murdock features a gravel pit that is where alot of ballast used in the west by the railroads comes from.

Location: Murdock, UT :: Milepost: Lynndyl Sub, MP 582

The WMUKEZ gets up to track speed
As soon as the ZCIG1 was by it the WMUKEZ got underway.
Dust blows off the cars as it races toward Milford
Dust blows off the cars as it races toward Milford.

MSCWC-19 (Manifest: Salt Lake, UT to West Colton, CA)

Another goal for this trip and really the whole reason that we even headed down to Milford was to catch the MSCWC. We lucked out in being able to catch it before it got to Milford to do some work there.

Location: Murdock, UT :: Milepost: Lynndyl Sub, MP 582

MSCWC heads west
Hot on the heals of the WMUKEZ the MSCWC heads towards Milford.
DPU for the MSCWC-19
Showing some wear and tear the DPU for the MSCWC-19.

MWCNP-18 (Manifest: West Colton, CA to North Platte, NE)

After the MSCWC passed we headed to Milford and as we got into town we heard the MWCNP getting lights to depart and head for Salt Lake. Due to not being able to find a good spot to shoot it at we hurried back to the spot we had just left and caught the MNPWC there and then we headed into Milford after it passed.

Location: Murdock, UT :: Milepost: Lynndyl Sub, MP 582

Railfans waiting on the train
Couldn't pass up getting a shot of most of the group waiting for the MNPWC.
The MNPWC crosses the road
The MNPWC crosses the road

Circle Four Farms Switcher

Yet another goal of mine was to get a picture of the switcher at the Circle Four Farms silos. Circle Four Farm leases DLSX 1200 to do the switching at it's silo. The silo is used for Hog feed that is taken by trucks to the local hog farms that are with in 10 miles of the silo. DLSX 1200 was built as UP 1848 (SW9) and upgraded by UP into a SW10 and after it was rebuilt it was renumberd to UP 1200. More info can be found here on utahrails.net

Circle Four Farms Switcher
DLSX 1200 a SW10 awaits the call to duty.

Union Pacific's Milford Yard Office

While it was not one of my goals to get pictures of this building I just could not pass up getting a shot of it.

Union Pacific's Milford Yard Office
Union Pacific's Milford Yard Office.