Rail Blog :: May 9, 2015

While driving home from work I happened upon a coal train that was headed eastward up the Sharp sub. I was in for a real treat when the train came into view and the second engine was a KCS SD70ACe. Right as the end of the train passed by the train went into emergency which alowed me to run home and get a better camera then the one on my phone. It turned out that the train broke a coupler towards the end of town and while they fixed it it allowed me enough time to run home and then come back and catch it.

After catching that train in Payson I went up to Provo to catch a train of two. I timed it perfectly and got to MP RG699 on the Provo sub just as the MNYRO (North Yard to Roper) train pulled into town. The MNYRO had 7 engines on it and 4 of them where GP's