Rail Blog :: May 15, 2015

I heard on the scanner that the LUL58 would be headed West and that it would be meeting a train at Starr. So I headed out to try and beat it to Santaquin but sadly I caught up with it in Santaquin so I quickly raced ahead of it and made it to mile post 718.59 (Mona, UT) where I was able to catch the CRISK9 as it headed East. The real treat of the night was UP 4495 (SD70M) was on the point and then to top it off UP 6400 was the second unit. UP 6400 sure loves to show up in the Utah County area alot lately. Sadly my DSLR's shutter is not working so here are some pictures that I got with my Samsung S5.

After the CRISK9 passed Starr siding the LUL58 was able to contiune West on its journey down the Magnum. All this week the LUL57/58 power has consitied of UP 1860 (SD40N), UP 1208 (GP39-2), and UP 1618 (SD40N).