Rail Blog :: May 24, 2015

Went for a family drive today and decieded to head up Spanish Fork canyon. Right before we got to Castilla the detectors went off and as we rounded the bend the end of the CPFBR (Coal - Port of Stockton to Bowie Mine) came into view. So we quickly beat it to Thistle Junction (I think thats the name of the area) and caught it exiting the Thistle tunnels. The third unit was smoking a little and I happend to notice that it appeared that one of the crew members was headed back to check on it. This train was led by UP 7737 (C45ACCTE), UP 5759 (C44ACCTE), UP 6766 (C44AC), and UP 7996 (C45ACCTE).

There is just something about these older coal hoppers that I just love. So sit back and enjoy these few pictures of the coal cars on the CPFBR