Rail Blog :: June 6-9

June 6, 2015

Headed up to Provo in hopes of catching two visitors to the great state of Utah. CREX 1207 was on the CSKFN (Coal, Skyline mine to ) and KCS 4843 was on the MWCRO (Manifest, West Colton, CA to Roper). As I was waiting for these two trains to show up I was able to catch the H DENPVO and it's counter part H PVODEN as they came into Provo and left Provo respectively. The H DENPVO pulled into the Utah Railway's Provo Yard where the headend power was pulled off and put on the front of the H PVODEN. I've noticed that on Saturday's the power from the H DENPVO will be quickly taken off that train and added to the H PVODEN and then leave Provo within an hour of ariving.

Here are some shots of BNSF 4095 (C44-9W), BNSF 7532 (ES44DC), and BNSF 6680 (ES44C4) leading the H DENPVO as they arrived into Provo. I happened to notice that the straps on one of the cars had come off and were dragging on the ground so I also posted a couple picures of that here. BNSF 6666 (ES44C4) and BNSF 5457 (C44-9W) brought up the rear of the train.