Rail Blog :: June 12-16

June 12, 2015

Received a heads up that Amtrak train 5 was running 21 hours late and that meant that it would be in Utah in day light. So I headed up Spanish Fork canyon and caught it on its journey west at Diamond Fork. After it passed I headed down the canyon and got a head of it at the Provo center street bridge. I have been exploring the world of taking videos of trains and have inclueded the link for the shaky video that I got. I didn't have time to set my tripod up.

Amtrak Train #5

Engines: Amtrak 114 (P42DC), Amtrak 824 (P40DC) :: Location: Diamond Fork

June 13, 2015

Saturday morning I got anothers heads up that the MWCRO-11 (Manifest, West Colton, CA to Roper, UT of the 11th) was almost to Payson so I headead over to Berry's Curve and caught it as it entered the curve.


Engines: UP 8455 (SD70ACe), UP 4309 (SD70M), UP 4384 (SD70M), UP 5449 (C45ACCTE) :: Location: Barry Curve (Santaquin), UT