Rail Blog :: June 21

June 21, 2015

Got to chase a few trains on Father's Day which was a great way to spend the day. I got to witness something that does not happen to often and that was two MWCRO's came through Payson. I went out and caught the MWCRO-19 at 7:30 am in Payson. This train was the one that was running on time and I found it a little funny that the MWCRO that was a day late was the second one I saw. Around 1:30 pm the MWCRO-18 finally made it through Payson. After I caught this train I ran up to Provo and got a few pictures of the CPFSK as it backed onto the Provo wye to change up the power configuration. Then lastly later in the day I headed out to the north end of Payson to catch the CBRLB-19 as it headed RR west to Long Beach, CA. I wasn't planning on chasing this train to Berry's Curve but due to the fact that it only had 3 units it could not go that fast up the grade and I was able to over take it and get pictures of it again. I hope you enjoy the pictures I took.


Engines: UP 8057 (C45ACCTE), UP 4889 (SD70M), UP 8318 (SD70ACe),UP 1625 (SD40N) :: Location: Payson, UT :: Milepost: Sharp Sub, 737.96


Engines:UP 8249 (C45AH), UP 5036 (SD70M), UP 9605 (C44-9W) :: Location: Payson, UT :: Milepost: Sharp Sub, 736.91