Rail Blog :: June 29

If the month of June had a theme I would have to say it was that "Amtrak #5 is late again". I woke up early on the 29th to head up to Provo to catch #5 that was over 34 hours late. While I was waiting on train #5 I was able to catch the MWCRO as it left Provo, the MROHP as it pulled into Provo, Frontrunner several times, and a mystery coal train. After I caught the very late #5 I ran over to Springville and caught the LUL57 as it headed out on it's way to Lynndyl. Also, I was able to catch the coal train and the MROHP again as they left Provo and headed for Helper. Later in the day I caught the McWane Ductile Switcher kicking some cars around. Also I was able to catch the LUL57 as it pulled back into Provo and lastly on the 30th I caught the CPFBR as it backed onto the wye at Provo to be refuelled and inspected.


Engines: UP 8440 (SD70ACe), UP 5500 (C45ACCTE), UP 5317 (C45ACCTE), UP 7086 (C44ACCTE), UP 1831 (SD40N), UP 5413 (C45ACCTE) :: Location: Provo, UT :: Milepost: Provo Sub, MP 702