Rail Blog :: September 11

Some how I was able to time things just right and I was able to catch the CWEIP (Coal, West Elk Mine, CO to IPP) as it came into Provo and headed for the Wye to head onto the Sharp sub. The new signal bridges were recently activated and I am liking the looks of them in the pictures.


Engines: UP 6066 (C44ACCTE), UP 6539 (C44AC), UP 8561 (SD70ACe), UP 5414 (C45ACCTE) :: Location: Provo, UT :: Milepost: Provo Sub, MP RG699

The new signal bridge at RG699 UP 6066 leads the CWEIP onto the Provo Wye UP 6066 and UP 6539 UP 6066 and UP 6539 UP 6066 UP 6539 The DPU's just coming onto view UP 8561 and UP 5414 UP 8561 and UP 5414 UP 5414 UP 8561 UP 5414