UTA FrontRunner Roster

Updated: 11/06/2016


UTA 1-11, 15-21

Model: MP36PH-3C
Manufacture: MPI

UTA 901

Model: RP39-2C
Manufacture: EMD
Serial Number: 33464
Frame Number:
Order Number:
Build Date: 09/1967
Notes: Built as GP40 and rebuilt by Morrison Knudsen. Rebuilt 08/1991. This unit also has the nickname of "Snowflake".

Passenger Cars

Bombardier Bi-Level Cab Car

Model: Bi-Level Cab Car
Manufacture: Bombardier Transportation
Car numbers: 101-122

Bombardier Bi-Level Coach

Model: Bi-Level Coach
Manufacture: Bombardier Transportation
Car numbers: 201-218

Comet I Single Level Coach

Model: Comet I
Manufacture: Pullman-Standard
Car numbers: 301-325
Notes: Cars were refurbished by Bombardier Transportation before going into service with UTA.