Train Symbols

Ever wonder what the symbols that you hear on the radio or that you see people talk about mean? Well I hope that this collection can help answer some of those questions for you. Each railroad does their symbols a little differently. While I do not have every single symbol that is used I have tried to put all of the ones that I do know on here and I am seeking out more symbols. If you have any you would like added to the list send an email to

Union Pacific Symbols

Understanding how to brake down a train symbol can be a challange sometimes. This page focuses on trying to help you brake down the symbol. Every railroad has their unique way of incoding the symbols. In Utah the railroad's symbol system that is used is that of the Union Pacific.

Utah Train Symbols

Since Union Pacific owns all the major trackage in Utah the symbols that are used are based on their system. BNSF trains will use a UP symbol while they are in Utah but they also have the BNSF symbol assigned to them. It is extremely hard to know all the symbols that currently run in Utah. With that being said a list of the currently known trains that pass through Utah can be found here.