Provo Subdivision

The Provo Subdivision runs from Helper, UT to 9th West in Salt Lake City. This subdivision is roughly 119 miles long. Utah Railway and BNSF have trackage rights along this subdivision. Trains running from Helper to 9th West in SLC are considered to be heading Westbound and from 9th West in SLC to Helper they are heading Eastbound.

Radio Frequency's

ARR Channel Frequency Channel ID Notes
2323 160.455 UP Omaha Dispatcher 378 Used from Helper to Ironton
4242 160.740 UP Omaha Dispatcher 5 Used from Ironton to Midvale
5757 160.965 UP Omaha Dispatcher 5 Used from Midvale to Grant Tower
0909 160.245 UP Switching Provo Yard
1212 160.290 UP Yard Master/Switching Provo Yard
4444 160.770 Utah Railway Used when there are helpers on Utah Railway Coal trains
5454 160.920 UP Switching LUL57/58 uses this channel
6868 161.130 UP Switching LUL41 uses this channel
6969 161.145 Utah Railway Switching Provo Yard
7979 161.295 Utah Railway Switching Provo Yard